A Ray Of Hope!

"A lot of people tell me how I’ve done something so revolutionary at the age of 15. But when I think about it, I’ve only put everything that I’ve learned to use. I’ve always been interested in science and maths, thanks to my dad who told me how important these subjects are. On a typical day, just a thought about how useful it would be, if I create something with the existing forms of energy to provide electricity resulted in my project, Harvest. It also brought me the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge for creating the $5 energy harvesting device, which converts sunlight, wind, and rain into renewable energy. 

While I was doing research for the project, I also happened to visit my grandparents in Machilipatnam one summer. I observed how there was a power cut every afternoon for long hours. Like anybody else who isn’t used to this, I wondered how people would survive without electricity. For over one-fifth of the world population, darkness remains a permanent reality. This gave my idea of creating an energy device a boost. I then worked on my project and created a device that harvests mechanical energy in the forms of wind and precipitation through the Piezoelectric effect. Harvest is a leaf-shaped device which has a solar foil and is created using recycled material and bottles. I wanted to make sure it was inexpensive. The purpose of it is lost if it’s not available at low costs. But I must admit, my bio-inspired device looks quite aesthetic. Credit to myself for that! 

My aim is to supply sustainable energy to third-world countries, which severely lack electricity. Now that I have patent rights, my next step is to maximize the efficiency of my project by testing different materials in various environmental conditions. Once it’s ready, I plan on reaching out to businesses and nonprofit organizations to deploy my innovation across the world. 

While I have so many people around me, appreciating me for my work, I miss my grandmother whom I used to visit while I was working on this. I remember her words of believing in myself and being useful to the society. I think I’m on the right track. "

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