"If we wear a certain kind of a jacket, a helmet and ride our sports bikes on the city roads, people look at us as if we’re doing something illegal. Even the police tend to stop us and interrogate if we’re racing on the streets. It gets tough for us to prove that we wear all of that for our safety and that we follow rules like any other citizen. In that aspect, people’s idea of racing needs to change. Even when I first took up this sport, my family wasn’t too convinced. In fact, they didn’t know till I participated in a tournament and came home with a trophy. With time, they understood that bike racing is like any other sport. They assured that I play by rules and don't risk my life. Now, I have their complete support, which also helped me win the recent national racing championship in 2017. 

Initially, I was a casual bike rider. My love for bikes has been there forever.
So, I’d get set and go away on long adventure biking expeditions with my bikers’ club. For many outsiders, we come across as jobless or unemployed men trying to do illegal and criminal acts by overspeeding and risking their lives. But that’s not true. Accidents happen everywhere. That doesn’t make all bike riders careless and irresponsible. Trust me when I say this, I’ve never ridden a bike without a helmet and a jacket. In hilly areas, we also wear special shoes and gloves. We love our lives as much as we love bikes. People need to understand this and encourage all kinds of sports, including bike racing. "
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