In a state of misery!

"Sometimes, I wonder if I could go back in time and change a few things about my childhood. If I could do that, I would definitely control my dad’s behaviour and would make sure he didn’t ruin our family, like he did. He was a drunkard. He spent all the family’s earnings on alcohol. We lost our house, hard-earned savings and peace because of him. I was too young to understand anything. When our money was over, he took loans to drink more. Our family was left to dogs! Now, all his loans are on my shoulders, whether I like it or not. It’s my responsibility to pay everybody back in my hometown, Nellore. I work hard day and night to make sure my children don’t face anything like me. My son lives with my parents and studies in our native. My daughter is too young for school, but my wish is to get both of them educated enough to find better jobs. This bamboo baskets don’t fetch us enough. My wife and I stay here, in this tent, for a month and sell these baskets. We then go back to our village and do other small jobs. We alternate between two lives. Only similarity is that both are of sorrow and misery. "

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