The survivors!

"Sexual abuse is a crime and cannot be tolerated. Whether the victim is a girl or a boy, they need immediate attention and care. I have been sexually abused a number of times in my life, right from my childhood. When I was a kid, I didn’t even know or understand what was being done to me. When I was in my late teens, I started reading about sexuality, exploitation and other related topics on the internet. It was then that I realised that everything that happened to me was a crime and non-consensual. In the last seven years, I’ve done extensive research on this topic and have personally dealt with people who have been abused in some way or the other. Trafficking and prostitution are a few concerns here, but the list is never-ending. Sexual abuse is a delicate and important issue. People have portrayed murders as suicides, trafficking as adoption and so much more. It’s tough to say which category of people are the most vulnerable. Homosexuals are also a part of the huge number of sexual abuse survivors, who are often ignored. People are targeted for having accepted their sexuality. A lot of families and society, as a whole, doesn’t understand and support homosexuality. They feel unsafe and vulnerable to almost everything that happens in the society. 

In the span of five minutes, I have spoken to you about so many subjects that are under the same umbrella. The number of layers and factors associated with it are numerous. In my journey as a social activist, I have understood that anybody can be a sexually-abused victim. It needs our attention right now, at this moment. I have worked closely with victims and have been able to track the problem and the roots of it, right from the ground level. But how right is it for me to disclose this information to the world or authorities? What is the guarantee that it will be solved and victims will be safe? Looking at the way the world functions today, there seems to be more of a loss for me than profit in sharing this information. In today’s world, whom do you trust, when your own people are betraying you by sexual abuse? "

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