Is hope the only way of life?

"My family consists of my son, who is a driver, and my daughter, who is yet to be married. My husband died long ago, and ever since, I’ve brought up my kids and tried to give them the best in all that I have. I have never complained about the lack of anything. Acceptance is the key to survival. When you know that your life won’t really change, that’s the principle you live by. My only worry is my daughter’s wedding. She’s 26-years-old and if I don’t get her married sometime soon, I might not be able to do it anytime later. But what can I do? Despite working every day of the year, irrespective of the season and time, I’m unable to save enough to get her married. A mother always wants her children to be happy. How will my daughter be happy when she’s in the age to live happily with her husband and children but is rather at her mother’s place who has no money for a wedding? This is the only thing on my mind and when my daughter notices it, she feels guilty for being a burden on me. 

Whom do I share my sorrow with? I have nobody to listen. Nobody to help. Nobody to support me. Even the government, which promised to solve all our problems, doesn’t care. Is there any government official who comes and talks to me like you? No! It has never happened. All they have on offer is rice, which is not even worth being eaten. I don’t remember having three full and happy meals in a day. I don’t even remember what happiness feels like. Honestly, I don’t even feel sorrow anymore because it has become a part of my everyday life. There’s nothing new about it. The sad part is that there are matches for my daughter but they want gold, which will cost me around three lakh rupees. Where will I arrange this money from? Sometimes, I’m scared I won’t be able to see my daughter get married. You tell me beta, do you think I will save enough and will live to see my daughter be married? Can I live with that hope?”

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