Metro ride over a motorcycle !

"Like a lot of others, I was skeptical about the running of the metro in Hyderabad. Even after it opened, I continued using my bike for a while. But on a random day, I took a metro ride and I changed my mind that very day. Since then, I’ve been traveling in the metro every day to the office. I’m saved from the dirt, pollution, and traffic. Riding a bike in that traffic every single day is a pain, honestly. I realize it now when I go to the metro. You can just sit in air-conditioned compartments, save money and reach on time. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to use it then? They’ve recently introduced ladies compartment too, which is a good thing. It gets a bit crowded during peak hours, and I think they should allow a separate entrance for senior citizens during that time. It’s difficult for them to compete with youngsters and get on a train. "

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