Dreams of a child!

"I’m a fifth class student in the local government school. After school, I help my mother by begging for money. There’s a boy in my class whom everybody makes fun of. Instead of talking to them, that boy shouted at me. I told him I never hurt him and he was targeting the wrong person. We ended up having an argument. After that, he tried killing me. I escaped somehow but I knew he would try again. So, during a lunch break, I sat and spoke to him about it and told him that it’s wrong to hate anybody. We should make friends and spread love instead. Now, we’re good friends. He started calling me ACP Sai Kumar because I told him I want to become a police when I grow up, as per my father’s wish. Since then, my other friends have also been calling me the same. One day, I know I will become a real police officer and save people's lives. "

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