With love, from France!

"Do you see my bangles? I have dozens of them in various colours. I saw them in a Hindi film and later spotted them in a local market. I bought them immediately. Don’t be surprised when I talk about Bollywood. I watch a lot of Indian movies. I love Shahrukh Khan. I’ve watched Chennai Express and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge more than five times. Each time for Shahrukh Khan alone! I enjoy Bollywood movies. It has a lot of family drama involved. The whole idea of a love story is about the bride, the groom, their romance and family. It’s fun! I’ve been visiting India for six years now to meet some Indian friends I made back in France. A lot of people complain about the climate, but I love the sun. It’s warm, unlike the cold climate back home. I wish the pollution was less though."

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