Monsoon magic!

It is the time of the year when people look at the skies hoping to see an end of the tyranny of the harsh sun. After months of scroching heat, even a clear sky with warm breeze is satisfying. But thankfully, this year's monsoons in Hyderabad have kept us happy. But is it too soon to say?

A couple of showers into the season, and everything seems fresh. The trees appear new with all the dust accumulated throughout the summer washed away. While a school-going kid hopes for a holiday due to heavy rains, the farmer prays for the right amount of rain - not too less, not too much. Every person certainly has a monsoon story to share. For some, it's about getting wet in the rain. For a few, it's about chai and pakoda. And of course, there are people who'd choose Netflix, Maggi and a blanket for the season. Which one are you?


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