Happy place!

"Everybody has a happy place. This is mine. Whether it’s a problem I need to solve, a decision I need to make or just recollecting some happy moments, it happens here for me. Before you came up to me, I was planning my career. I’m a BCom graduate, working with a company in Hyderabad. Although I’m happy with my job, I want to grow and face more challenges professionally. All that needs planning and a better job, of course!

I enjoy being alone. Not everybody feels lonely when they’re alone. I like my personal space and it lets me introspect my actions. I developed this habit after a recent breakup. I realised that one should always find happiness within and be dependant on nobody for any emotional support. My ex-girlfriend is getting married next week. I’m a little sad but I can’t change anything. Her family doesn’t want her to marry me. When she told me, I was shattered. But thanks to spending time alone, I’ve dealt with it better. I thought about it and realised that nothing’s worth my sorrow and pain. I have a beautiful family and great friends. I’m close to my dad and I share every little thing with him. Every time I see him, I feel like doing something good in life for him. I thought about him and my mother during the post-breakup period. I knew I had to move on. I’m almost fine. In fact, I’m attending her wedding. I will gift her a red color saree. Oh, my father is also accompanying me to the wedding. How cool is that?! "
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