Mother’s love!

"The first time I was here to see him off, my heart was beating fast. I was worried. How is he going to manage everything - from cooking to studying and cleaning his house. But, unlike my generation, technology lets us do so many things today. I video call him daily and it makes me feel happy to see him grow into an educated man. I’ve always hoped for the best for my son. After his intermediate, he told me he wanted to go to the United States for his graduation. I was worried for sure, but I didn’t want to stop him. He has a few dreams and goals and I didn’t want to be an obstacle for him. He’s currently doing his masters and he was here for a short vacation. Now when I come here, I only have happy memories and no tears. In fact, he’s the one who becomes slightly emotional. He plans to work there for a few years and come back to India. I’m often asked what I would do if he falls in love with a foreigner. But I have the most cliched reply. Like most Indian parents, I have a few reservations and I think my son knows them. But I can’t and won’t force him into anything that he doesn't want. Anyway, there’s a lot of time for that. I'm in my happy space. I want to live it to the fullest and let him live his best life too."

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