A garden in your hand!

"Gardening is a soul-satisfying job. My plants are like my children. Even today, seven months into my miniature gardening business, I get emotional when a customer takes away a plant. People often laugh when I say this, but there have been times when I have cried. Lately, I try not being around when the delivery happens. Also, I try and stay in touch with my customers to make sure the plant is safe. In fact, I replant it for them, in case they’ve not been able to maintain it well. I take my job quite seriously, or maybe it’s the love I have for my plants!


I first explored the idea of miniature gardening when I moved to an apartment. We had limited space to set up enough pots. Forget trees! That’s when I started using pebbles to decorate my balcony. Gradually, I started reading more about it and it soon became a hobby. Once I figured out that my family and friends liked it, I started gifting it to them. I wasn’t keen on commercialising my passion though. But my sister convinced me to start a small scale business. It’s been seven months and it’s a hit! To my surprise, Hyderabadis love their greenery. In a recent exhibition, I set up a stall. You might not believe me when I say this, but out of the 60 miniature gardens I created, only three of them remained unsold.


Although I get a lot of orders and calls, I try and keep it low-key. Gardening is my passion. Also, it’s an art that needs patience and time. You can’t force a plant to grow in a certain way or in a particular amount of time. I take my time in understanding each plant and setting it up accordingly. I only deal with containers plants. My favourite is jade. It represents positive energy and that’s what you need in life, isn’t it?"

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