The wedding date!

"When I first spoke to my fiance about five months ago, I was nervous. Our parents gave us each others’ numbers and asked us to talk. My parents have always been supportive. They wanted me to feel comfortable and be confident about marrying anybody. So, I knew I had no pressure of agreeing to a marriage just for my parents. 

Initially, both my fiance and I were slightly awkward. You know, you can’t escape that phase. You don’t know each other and until you become friends, it’s a little weird. People say so many things about arranged marriage; it kind of freaks you out. I didn’t want to take a decision in a hurry. My fiance understood that. We spent long hours talking to each other. Day after day, it got better. Also, we didn’t restrict ourselves from sharing our thoughts and future plans. I think it’s really important for you to know what dreams your partner has and if you guys are compatible. Only when both of us were confident about this relationship, we told our parents and then we got engaged. He recently sent me a few gifts and also wrote a special email about our relationship and how it has affected his life. It was one of the most special gifts anybody has ever given me. 

So, now, everything is official! I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m nervous, happy, excited, scared .. All of it! But the amount of attention and love you get a few months before your wedding is special. Everybody wants to talk to you. Everybody wants to make you feel good and happy. I’m a little worried about leaving my parents and moving out, but I know they’re happy if I’m happy. I can’t process how my life is going to be in the next few months. It’s an important phase of my life and I want to experience each emotion, each moment and each day to the fullest!"

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