For art's sake !

"When I first came to Hyderabad a few years ago, all I had was a suitcase. My journey as a mime artist has given me all the success and prosperity I ever wished for and more. I hear a lot of people say humans are helping art survive. I don’t agree with that. Any art form is a strong medium to convey a message or an information or any emotion. Humans use an art form to survive. Every performer enjoys his art and his faith and love for it, helps him survive. It’s never the other way round.

In the art of mime, silence and body language is the key. You communicate using gestures and through your expressions. When you’re in a profession like this, maintaining your body and your health is important. I wake up at 4 every morning and dedicate four hours to practice my scripts. I don’t do it by any force or for money. Never have I thought that if I don’t wake up and practice, I won’t have a living. If not this, another profession will give me money. But for me, it’s the happiness and contentment I get that pushes me to explore more. That’s the kind of love and determination you need in life, isn’t it? "

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