Farmers' hero!

"In the last decade and a half, my team and I have traveled across the country. Currently, we're working with 13 states. During this period, I've personally learned so much and it has improved my health as well. The more research I did on organic farming, the better knowledge I had, and gradually, I've turned to consume organic food only. About 10 years ago, governments wouldn't even listen to us when we talk about organic farming or farming methods without pesticides. Over the years, it has improved so much. In the last couple of months alone, quite a few states including Sikkim and Nagaland have adopted organic farming. 

During my course of research and traveling, I've understood that the prime problem in farming, today, lies in the increase of investment costs with very minimal market prices of the crops and high usage of pesticides. We've interacted with a number of farmers and government authorities to promote minimal usage of pesticides, simply because it costs more and also affects the consumer. In the beginning, most of them told us cultivation isn't possible without pesticides. But now, things have changed. There are a few villages in Telangana alone, which are pesticide free. The country has been fighting the agrarian crisis for longer than 25 years. Adoption of new methods without enough research and experimentation is one of the reasons. My team and I are agricultural scientists and we use our knowledge to create awareness among farmers and the government. Among many other things, our focus is on uniting all the farmers. They need to be together to fight all their problems. About 50% of our country's population are farmers. They're Annadaata and we need to help them live."

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