Did you forget your duties?

"I have always been a responsible citizen and I take pride in saying that. But ever since I retired a few years ago, I’ve been observing how aam janta doesn’t care about anything around them. Everybody is busy doing their work. They spit on the roads, defecate on the roadside, park wherever they feel like… I mean values and common sense seems to be extinct. Why would a man buy five cars when he has a place for just two? But who cares or thinks like this? Everybody wants to celebrate on the streets, block roads and create a nuisance to other residents. Personal processions should be prohibited. It’s not their property. They can’t occupy the whole road and ask others to not enter. 

As a citizen of this country, or as a human being with minds of our own, we should use it to be responsible and sensible. Each person in the 132 crores of people should maintain cleanliness and fight against corruption. Whether you’re a government employee or private, it doesn’t matter. If you have power over 1,000 people, then your duties and responsibilities are 1,000 fold more automatically. If you can’t do it, don’t take that position. At least someone more deserving will use it. My wife and I have made sure we raise our kids in the same way, as responsible citizens of tomorrow."

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