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"When I started eretail box in 2015, my vision was to structure the market we work in. After spending 15 years in the US, I understood a few business techniques and came back home to provide people here with better methods of doing business. My organization is paperless. Everything happens in the smartphone. That's the way forward, I believe. Nobody wants to read the newspaper today. Everybody likes to have their news on their phone. You don't get to force a customer to view something. If you're product is good enough, they'll view it themselves. Through my organisation, merchants can provide suitable and appropriate information that they'd like to convey to their customers in a much easier and attractive format. It allows them to provide vouchers, membership or discounts, which is necessary for any company. I'm a tech geek myself. So, I understand the ability of a smartphone. From billing to advertisements and conversations, everything can be done in this five-inch device. Why would you want to step out if you can have everything at your comfort? This has been the idea behind eretail box and I'm happy to be able to help people with ease of business." 
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