On a mission to save Earth!

"It’s our mother earth. We need to protect it. It’s our home! We have no other planet that we can move to, just because we’re done using this to the fullest. Every day thousands of plastic covers, bottles, and bags are being thrown away. People watch videos on social media and share them. But how many follow it back at home? I think each one of us has a responsibility to do our bit. Every time I see people using plastic covers in the market or on road, I distribute a few cotton bags that I have at home. Sometimes, people accept it with a smile. But more often than not, people give us angry or arrogant looks. I understand. A lot of people don’t enjoy receiving advice from random people. If someone tries to argue, I make them understand that it’s for a cause and not to make someone feel useless or wrong. Every vehicle of mine has a cotton bag for emergency shopping. Even when we order food, we take a few tiffin boxes to carry them back home. It’s a constant effort to avoid plastic. And I believe that even one person or one family not using plastic makes a difference. Then imagine how beautiful and easy it would be if at least 50 per cent of the population works towards this? "
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