After the blast!

 " I was supposed to go and buy one of my friends a bowl of samosa chaat. It was somewhere between 6:30 and 7 pm. I heard a sound, something like a cylinder blast. It was so loud that my phone's glass broke because of the vibration. There was a little smoke too. I hurried towards the chaat centre. On reaching, I froze. Looking at some dozen dead bodies on the floor, blood everywhere around us, I froze and almost brokedown. There were a few people on the ground, trying to move and cry for help.. by the time I reached to them, they died. I saw kids trying to wake their parents up. The sight was horrifying. It took me about 10 minutes to come back to consciousness. A few others and I then rushed closer to help people. I held one person's hand to give them some support, and his hand fell apart. At that point, I was holding a hand full of blood. I couldn't bear that sight. In fact, I couldn't bear the whole sight. It has been the most painful thing I've ever seen. But it wasn't the time to be lost in thoughts. It was the time to act. And act quickly! We tried to carry a few people and send them in autos. We stopped a bus and sent people in that too. The Lumbini park blast happened exactly five minutes before this one. Police were already heading there and so were the press. We had to call them and police took about 30 minutes to reach here. That whole evening I was there and we couldn't digest all that happened. I still cannot. Every year, Gokul Chat is closed on this day alone. Even today, as I reached my book store, I saw the banner and suddenly, all the devstating memories from that evening flashed in front of me, as if it was happening again. But I quickly pushed that thought away. I never ever want that to happen in any place in the world. It's sad that people do this in the name of religion. Why do we kill each other for something so petty? We created all this. It's a man-made idea, then why can't we break all of this and look beyond? Looking at such blasts and the hatred, I wonder if it's ever possible. One can always hope though."
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