"I’m an advocate for Hindu marriages, quite literally. Every day I meet new couples who come to me with varied reasons to get married. Sometimes, it’s funny. Recently one girl told me she can’t go home late, so she wants to marry her boyfriend. But it’s not all that funny. On a serious note, the caste issue in India has taken so many lives. Parents don’t support kids who fall in love with someone from a different caste. Inter-caste marriage is a big no-no! About two weeks ago, a girl was killed by her parents because she married a boy from a different caste. In such cases, who takes the responsibility? A young life's lost because of people's- baseless thinking. If your child is going to be happy with a particular partner, why do you care so much about the caste? At the end of the day, all of us have the same red blood. Our blood groups aren’t based on caste. Nothing that comes with birth is based on caste. That’s because caste is a man-made ideology. 
I get a lot of backlash from educated people, it used to surprise me in the beginning. But now, I’m used to warnings and threat calls. I know I’m not doing anything illegal or unethical. We follow the law and do what we think is humanitarian. Taking lives and disowning our own children in the name of caste is definitely not anything that can be justified. Yet people like that challenge me every day. My problem is that they don’t understand that it’s the decision of the two people who are getting married. We don’t encourage child marriages or marriages of people who aren’t settled. We make sure they’re educated, well settled and mature enough to handle a marriage. It’s been almost a decade. Initially, I used to worry about every warning. Today, I give them a warning myself, like a don. Lady don! "
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