In a happy space!

"Serving food to more than 500 people every day gives me a high. We have customers who are eating after as long as a week. Sometimes, people don’t even have five rupees. They come here and stand in one corner. During such times, we offer free food. If they’re more in number, I pay for them. The amount of love and gratitude in their eyes is unmatchable. I spend about three hours here in the noon and then go to the office and work till 11 in the night. Sometimes it gets hectic but my wife is so cooperative and understanding, that it seems like a cakewalk. She lets me do what I want and puts no pressure in spending time with her. I dedicate every week-off to her. We’re both cinema lovers. So, two movies every month followed by dinner in a new restaurant is a tradition in our marriage. In the beginning, I was worried about doing an arranged marriage but today, I can say that if two people are compatible and love each other, nothing else matters. "
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