'Treat Me Like A Humans'

"Recently, one of the customers started shouting at me because the bikes were not parked in a systematic order. Although I searched for another parking slot and told him that he can complain at the office instead of conversing with me, he didn’t keep quiet. He was almost going to hit me. But I didn’t let him. I rebelled and said, if he dared to do anything to me, he would be behind the bars. He walked away and came back in the evening to apologise. 
Situations like these keep happening. This man I’m talking about was a patient at the hospital. Maybe he was going through a tough time due to some medical emergency. I try to stay calm but after a limit, I don’t shut up. I might not be educated but I know that nobody can treat me as an inferior just because of my job, background or gender. More often than not, people tend to look down on me because I’m an uneducated woman. This is the reason why my husband and I are saving as much money as possible to educate our daughter. I want her to have a good government job, so nobody can ever treat her as any less of a human being. Honestly, you don’t need education to be treated as a human but what can we say about our society?"

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