Here's the story of your life!

"My business is all about trust. Even the the world is based on trust and honesty, isn't it? When I picked my bags and came to the city, I trusted myself and my skills. When someone comes to me to know what their life has in store for them, they come with some trust that I won't lie. It's my responsibility to stay true to my profession. I tell them what I see. Sometimes, with a little filter and sometimes, I put everything out. A few customers laugh and make fun when I tell them their story. Initially, it used to irritate me. I mean why do you come and waste my time if you don't have any interest or belief that I have the power to see your future? But that's also because there are so many random palm readers who have taken it up without studying the art. With my customers, I learnt to explain it to them. I tell them that this is an art I learnt from my father and grandfather. It shouldn't be a past time for me or for them. Sometimes, when I say some big news to a customer, they get shocked and doubt my instincts. But I challenge them to come back if it doesn't happen. These days, I also share my phone number. I reason it out to them, so there's no miscommunication. After all, it's their life story I'm dealing with. I can't and won't take it for granted."

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