A mother's pain!

"I was on my way back home from college when I was told about the bus accident. My mother had plans of going to the temple. Just that one thought about my mom being on the bus scared me so much. I hurried to the area hospital immediately. Throughout the way, I was praying. But, unfortunately, I reached the hospital only to find my mother lying on the bed with several major injuries. Since then, neither my three sisters nor I have been able to stay calm. Seeing your mother in that position is heartbreaking. Although the government is paying the medical bills, the loss and suffering have been caused. Nobody can undo it. When it’s a public transport vehicle, isn’t it their responsibility to take their customers carefully? 
                   My mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. Even if she is a daily wage laborer and earns a minimal amount, it matter because that’s the only source of any money. Her being on bed has brought our family a step lower financially. We have no money or savings even to feed ourselves. My sisters and I are still studying and we’re dependent on my mother. She always handled everything perfectly. We had no hint of any of the difficulties. But now, being the eldest daughter, it's my duty to be strong and handle the situation carefully. Just the way my mother would. Right from talking to the doctors to making food for my sisters, I'm doing it all. Although I have no problem doing any of this, I want to mention that the government doesn’t consider all these factors when it looks at a disaster or accident. All they have for us is sympathy and some money for compensation. I don’t want anything extra from the authorities right now. I only demand good medical facilities. I want my mother to get the best treatment that exists. I want her to be back to normal. I want the government to do this for us. That’s the only way they can make our lives better. We don’t need money or compensation. We need medical attention and that's all I ask for. "

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