By God's grace!

"Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, I visit this Ammavari (Goddess) temple. I spend my afternoon here, chanting and thinking of the powerful Goddess. That's when I suddenly lose my consciousness and become a Goddess myself. It might sound foolish to a few but so many people visit me based on this very belief. Will you call all of them stupid?
                    I always think that I must have done some good deeds in my previous life that makes the Goddess choose to reside in me often. When she's in me, nothing matters. I don't know what I'm saying and doing. They're all her words and actions. Her presence in me makes me become a Goddess. It doesn't happen by choice. In fact, I don't even realize when it's happening to me. But during that period of a few hours, it's believed that everything I say about people is the truth. Visitors come in huge numbers and offer me various things like sari, food and bangles. I take it as a gift or an offering to the Goddess. It's been 20 years and this has become my livelihood. It's not a choice, like I said earlier. It's all her wish. She wants me to live like this and that's exactly what is happening."

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