Not a love story!

"About 10 years ago, we met on Orkut. For the longest time, I thought she wasn’t a real person. No kidding! Back then, the internet wasn’t even as safe as it is today. So, we continued to chat for quite some time. We then realized that our mothers study in the same college and we got them to meet and become friends. Now, both of us knew we were real people and we can give things a try. But our story is not like any mainstream love story. We didn’t even believe in the conventional idea of love. For us, love is just a part of companionship. We never did ‘romantic’ things for each other like flowers and chocolates. Our kind of romance was a late night discussion about capitalism. And, I think, that’s what clicked! Our ideas were different from the usual but similar to each others’. In fact, before we started ‘dating’, I had sent her a few conditions. To my surprise, she agreed and said, ‘I’ve always wanted the same!’
            I will tell you a couple of my conditions or ideas and you’ll know why it was a surprise. Firstly, I said, no expectations. We are two individuals, who are trying to live together. No time in the relationship should we forget about being ourselves. She is an advocate of the same. I also told her that there’s no guarantee to this relationship. If it makes us happy today, we’ll be together. If it doesn’t, I will send a message and leave. Also, we need to always be open to communication with each other. After listening to all this, maybe someone else would've blocked me. But she didn’t take two seconds to agree to all of this. Ever since that day, we have never meddled with each others’ professional lives. Not by force, but because we understand the idea of individual space. We know where to draw the line. That’s how it’s always been and we hope it’ll remain like that. Isn’t that really important… to not lose yourself while trying to make it happen with someone else?"

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