One picture at a time

"You know what I've learnt in my journey so far? Do what you feel like and don't give a sh*t about what others say. Even if it turns out to be wrong, you apologies to whoever you've hurt, later. But that moment if it feels right, do it. What if you succeed? That's the only question you should ask yourself.

Honestly, that's my life story put together. Even when I decided to become a travel photographer, there was a lot of no-no at home. They never stopped me, but I took time to convince them. My dad didn't really understand that I was in the profession of photography and was doing fairly well till he heard from others. Friends and extended family began to appreciate my work. I started earning enough to pay my bills and tax. Then, he knew that I was in the right path and that I knew what I was doing. But I understand where it comes from. Sometimes, you're just worried if everything's going right. Maybe that's when you need to give yourself and life a chance. I did that! And look at me today. A traveler, photographer and learner, one picture at a time.

My life is pretty much about photography. If you take that part out, I'm quite the boring person. Also, I'm super lazy. If I don't have an assignment, I'm mostly going to spend time doing nothing. Nothing in life has changed that. Even my wife, for that matter. She's quite the opposite. She likes everything to be perfect, you know, in a systematic order. I'm not too much into discipline, but hey, I'm married now. You know what that means? We live together. That alone has changed so many things, for both of us, and for the good. Although we knew each other for a long long time, only when we started living together did we completely understand each other. No matter how independent individuals we are, at the end of the day, we take any decision considering each others' opinions or thoughts. I think that's what any relationship does to you - you give a little and take a little, in terms of learning and adapting to each others' habits. Even before marriage, I was quite the learning type. In fact, that's the reason I attend Ted talks. More than me sharing my story, it's wonderful to listen to others' experiences. There's something to learn in everything they say. Never in life have I wanted to be somebody else. I want to be the best of me! But that doesn't stop me from picking up good qualities. That's what I do, and that has helped me, in all phases of life."


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