Only women!

"I remember a time when everything was difficult. Financially, I had no backing and life almost seemed to have stopped. I’m a devotee of Lord Krishna. I used to visit his temples every other day and sit there for long, trying to make sense of everything that was happening. That is when my brothers offered to help. They gave me investment to start my own bangle store. I’ve always loved accessories and all such feminine things, growing up. They knew it was a good business idea and that I would enjoy doing it too. They were my support and it helped me get my life back on track. After a few years, I also learnt to make thread bangles and that’s my USP today. I get orders in bulk for weddings and other festivals. As a woman, bangles form an important part of our shringar. I take special care in choosing the right color combinations. Nobody wants a black bangle, you know? You need to understand what the customers think, before making them. So, everytime I make a new variety or design, I wear them first. Only if I’m completely satisfied, then I take orders or launch that design in my store. 

I spend my Sunday making them. My daughters also offer to help me sometimes. They know that I’ve always worked hard to give them the best. Similarly, I know that 10 years later, when I’m too old to work, they will be there for me. That’s the kind of relationship I share with all my four daughters. We’re a team of strong and independent women, who have each others’ back. "

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