Patience is the key

"I was 22 when I joined a bank as a clerk. I was just out of college, so I had a long list of ethics and policies and worked accordingly. That's how it's supposed to be! I remember people saying so much sincerity will not help and I should be a little lenient. But I never listened. One time, I was posted in a branch near forest area. While travelling, a few nexalites abducted me and demanded I give them bank's money. But I didn't listen. I spent more than 48 hours with them. I said, 'shoot me if you want, but I won't change my decision'. They tried and tried... And then let me go. It was quite a few dramatic hours with them. But that's how I lived my life. Work is worship! I always believed in that and strived to do better each day. It took me six promotions and 30 years... When I retired, I was a senior manager. Not everyone in a bank can attain this position. Today's youngsters want everything quickly. Promotion every year, increments and other benefits. Nobody has the patience to wait for what she/he deserves. A lot of them don't even believe in work. Even after my retirement, I went to classes every Sunday to learn astrology. Today, I'm a decently popular astrologer in town. It's because I want to give me 100 per cent in everything I do. That's the only way I know. There are no shortcuts to success."

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