When women unite!

"Dussehra signifies women power. What better time to set out on a journey, promoting women empowerment, safety, and equality? Our team of women bikers has been traveling together for more than five years. This time, we wanted to go to the districts of Telangana and educate other women on everyday social issues. Gradually, the number of women participating became nine and even the number of districts curated was nine. Now that was a complete coincidence.. almost as if everything just fell into place for Navratri. We also collaborated with SHE Teams.
We started from Hyderabad and traveled to one district after the other, where we'd conduct a small session on SHE Teams in the evening and then spend the rest of the night dancing to folk songs and playing Bathukama. While we were already focusing on promoting our culture, why not help handloom weavers, one of the participants and event organizers said. We then got handloom outfits designed, which are comfortable to wear and ride. We paired them with a black helmet and boots. 
Picture a group of women, wearing handloom outfits with turbans, riding bullets! We had all the attention. People clicked pictures with us everytime we stopped somewhere. The good thing was that this whole attire was a crowd-puller even in the villages and districts. Women would come and listen to us because they thought we had some real stories to share. They'd first come to us to ask about our outfit and then, we'd get them talking about SHE Teams, safety and empowerment. During the day, we met weavers from various districts who were so happy to see that people wear and celebrate their work. We taught them to be fearless, to rebel and fight for what they want, because that's how you survive. When you work for something with all your determination, the universe will conspire to make things work out for you.
Remember the famous movie dialogue? I believe it's true. Just like the way, everything worked out for us... Just believe in what you're doing, doesn't matter if you're a woman. This Dussehra, let's pledge to respect, educate and love our women. "

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