Reviving rituals

"Ever since Telangana became an individual state, it's not too much to say that our lives have flourished. Every festival - be it Dussehra, Bonalu or Sankranti - the cultural authorities invite us and let us showcase our talent. They support us in promoting our age-old culture and art forms.

What I do is called Oggu Dolu. We're referred to as Shiva's children because we use Damarukam, which is his instrument. For me, it was a family tradition and I never thought of it as a burden. I always enjoyed performing this art form and took it upon me to promote it without any hesitation. There were days, earlier, when nobody cared about us. Our income fell very low. But, like I said earlier, thanks to the present government, we're being paid decently for what we do and there's enough recognition today. I hope the game of politics doesn't change this in the future. "

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