Let your children fly

"I'm an actor. I got my son admitted in a dramatics society at school. When he was 15, he started to learn guitar and later told me that he wants to be a musician and not an actor. I agreed to support him instantly. Although I wanted him to be an actor, who am I to impose my opinion or wants on him? He's an individual and I should let him be one. While growing up, some of the first lessons I taught him were about being independent, not just financially, but in emotions and thought process. When he was 17, I remember him playing songs and trying to compose at 1 am. Most parents would be alarmed if their kid did the same... I see that happen a lot. But my wife and I let him be. We knew he was working and that was probably the time when he could express his emotions in songwriting. Because of my ideologies, I can't intrude into his creative space. Tomorrow if he comes to me and says he wants become an accountant, I won't stop him. I think parenting is about being friends and understanding what the kid wants. It's not about forcing your opinions and dreams on them. Why would you want your child to do something only because you like it? I also have people telling me art is in his genes. I don't agree with them! Just because I'm an actor, my son doesn't have to be good at acting. Actors, musicians and anybody in the art form become so because of their choice, not because of their blood. Of course, you learn watching your parents but it doesn't come by birth. It comes by hard work and passion. The whole idea of deciding what your kids should grow up to be, just when they're born is unfair. Unfair for the kid and unfair on your behalf as a parent. My father was so supportive when I chose to become an actor. All my siblings are in the field of art, and nobody regrets anything. We are what we are because of the choices we made. We should let our children make their choices and fight their battles. Parents are like a Stepney in the car. You're always there and when you're needed, you'll be called for help. "


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