Exploring life together

"Until my graduation, I didn’t know what depression was. I had a few symptoms that my professor identified and later took me to a doctor. That was such a life-changing moment for me. The doctor said I was battling depression through my teenage years and I didn’t even know I was. Honestly, I never thought about mental health before that. My professor used to sit and counsel me. She used to explain how I should be more confident and embrace my flaws. As a child, I used to be very insecure and feel like everybody was better than me. I always put myself down. When I met the doctor regularly, I spoke about all of this and realized how I should stand up for myself. Honestly, the therapy sessions helped me so much. I chose to fight my own battles. My father was against journalism. He wanted me to be an engineer. I remember convincing him to let me do what I want to do. I was engaged back then, and I never got good vibes from my fiance. Also, I wanted to make a career. Marriage wasn’t even a priority for me. Surprisingly, my father agreed. He was so supportive and I asked myself why I was so scared to talk to him. 
Just these instances made me so strong. Since then, there has been no looking back. I have been a journalist for six years now. I have done some interesting stories, all that I was passionate about, especially cinema. I broke up with my previous fiance and focused on my career. I never thought about marriage at all. But that was until I met Hari. The amount of support, love, and care he has for people around him is amazing. I don’t want to brag too much about my own husband but I remember how a few things about him just impressed me so much when we first spoke. He is a feminist. He moved to Hyderabad for me from his hometown, Bengaluru. He loves animals and travels just as much as I do. We both have similar ideologies but we our approach is different. He is an introvert. He is much more mature than I am. But we make a great pair, I know it! We balance each other so brilliantly. We respect each others’ interests and personal space. Our lives together is all about traveling. We plan a trip while finishing the previous. There’s so much to see in the world, why be stuck to one place? Every time we take a journey, we learn so much and come back refreshed, almost as new people. We’ve been married for more than a year now and I can’t wait for all the trips we’re yet to take. "
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