Behind the scenes

"Unlike other fields, in cinema, success is a journey. There is never a destination and life is so unpredictable. You might be a star tonight but might wake up as a nobody. Once you see stardom, normal life disturbs you. I knew just 10 percent of this when I chose to enter this field. It’s been half a decade that I made my passion of writing my profession. I’ve learnt that luck is equal to talent here and that struggle is mad, of course! But thankfully, I have managed to write lyrics and dialogues for quite a few movies in the recent past, which has given me a slightly better position in life. But once, there was a time when I used to eat peanuts as meals, every single day! Coming from a middle class family, I had to send money back home. It wasn’t a force but I knew it was my responsibility too. So, I saved my PF money for that and ate small meals and sometimes, just had chips and water. 
Apart from all this, what really hurts you in the beginning is the kind of treatment you get. I remember, in a recent audio launch, the production house released two of my songs but didn’t care to call me on the stage and rather made me sit in the last row. This is one of the many such moments that keep happening. Initially, I used to ignore. But now I have decided to act back. If I’m working, I need my credit. No compromise on that. I have Antarikshyam coming up. I’m excited for that. But my dream is to see some mother sing one of my songs as a lullaby for her child. Adhi naa aasha! "
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