The PubG revolution

"Back in 2002, computers were so scarce when I was a child, only one cousin or friend would have and we would take turns to play the game. Some of my favourites were Mario and Duck Hunter. I don’t think today’s generation has even heard of this! I couldn’t have imagined childhood without them. But smartphones have changed so many things for us. When mobile phones were first launched, I remember playing Snake. Who cares about that now? Today is all about PubG. It’s the most happening game right now, I think. I’m so addicted to it. One day, I remember shouting, ‘Someone is killing me. I don’t have a gun!’ and my manager was shocked. I later had to explain the whole game so she doesn’t think of me as some terrorist. I hear a lot of people saying the game is spoiling people’s relationships and lives. But I think it’s a personal choice. If it’s affecting you in a wrong way, don’t play it. It’s wrong to blame the gaming company for it. In fact, I have seen so many positive things happen to me because of it. I play the game with people in China and Germany. I got in touch with an old friend based out of Canada currently. Reunion scenes happened over a game! "
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