All about balance

"Hyderabad is home and there's no place I'd rather be in. Even when I was studying abroad, I'd wait for my holidays to come back. Hyderabad has both, our culture and the cosmopolitan vibes. This is where home is. This is where my heart is. I have the best of memories here. Growing up, I remember spending time with my grandfather and other cousins. He once took us to Shilparamam and bought us all cotton kurtas. It was so much fun! He once also bought all of us a ring, which I still have. That's the most prized possession I have. Nothing can beat it. I miss him, of course. I cherish every memory I've had with him. But life goes on. I don't let emotions affect me too much. I like to keep everything balanced. I think that's the way of life, it's easier when you maintain a balance. Also, I hate negative people. I've made a conscious effort to keep them out of my life. I would like to keep it like that even in the future. I don't take too much pressure. Whether it's about my work or my relationships. It has worked for my good and I hope it continues that way. "
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