All in a day

"Everything happened so quickly and it was quite unexpected. When I first tweeted out asking for help and donation for the NGO (Helping Hands Humanity), it was like any other tweet, except that I requested a few other friends to retweet. The organization needed Two lakh forty thousand and I knew the manager on a professional level. My tweet got immediate responses from a few actors who had personally messaged me.
But three hours later came the real surprise! Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao - KTR had replied to my tweet and offered to help the organisation with an amount of 12 Lakhs. That’s when everything got serious and the goal was achieved. He met the kids and spent quite some quality time with them. 
I’ve met him once before but this time, he recognized me. It was a great feeling, of course! One random tweet turned out to help get about 50 children a happy and peaceful year made me extremely happy. However, the fact that it all happened on social media came with a lot of cons. There were many messages and tweets saying everything was a publicity stunt and was being done for elections. Knowing how social media works, I didn’t bother much. But a newspaper published an article saying the NGO was not recognized and that really disturbed me. If what they stated was true, I would’ve felt horrible. It was my responsibility, after all. The first thing I did was to call and ask the organisation for documents. Thankfully, they told me that it was registered in 2012. It’s appalling how people write things without any fact check. So much for a breaking story! 
Having worked as a journalist for five years, I know how much it means for people to write a story on a breaking or serious issue that has gone viral. However, this could’ve created quite some problem for me. That apart, what caught me in surprise was the number of messages I received asking me to request KTR to help people and other organisations. Everybody thought I knew him personally and I could get him to help them. But I’m very touched by the support and love my close friends and family have been giving me. 
It is a great feeling to help someone get a life, of course. In a couple of day’s time, so much happened. Maa mummy dishti kuda teesindi…

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