First woman Telugu YouTuber: Mahathalli

"I watched Swathi (Reddy) in Ashta Chamma in 2008 and I was in awe of her. She has been my woman crush since then. That’s when I decided to explore acting. But we all know how difficult it is. Back at home, I knew they wouldn’t agree to it easily. So I told them I was opening a business in Hyderabad and moved here. Auditions after auditions, but nothing worked out. By graduation, I was a fashion designer. So, I did a bit of styling and was also an assistant director for a film. I was like, 'Wow. There’s some hope’. But post that, I was back to where I started. However, I knew that if acting won’t work, my exit route will be designing. Meanwhile, Tammada Media was doing a web show called  Mahathalli Mahanubhavudu. I joined them and continued to do a couple of shows. But when that ended, the idea of having a show based on a woman’s perspective on life came up. Now that’s when my life took a huge turn. Mahathalli happened and things changed. Ever since the show started, I have taken a few good decisions in my life. I remember a horrible breakup I went through a few weeks into Mahathalli. That was the first time I didn’t do anything one Wednesday -- I’ve never said this publicly before. It was a difficult time but breaking up with useless men gives you a sense of relief. Aipoindha, manchidi ani. But it was also the time I started off as a YouTuber -- and that comes with both appreciation and criticism. The latter hurts more, of course! People would say harsh things about my weight and it would affect me so much. I used to spend nights crying. It was also a phase where I thought I don’t need men in my life. But chaala filmy ga, around the same time, I met my husband, Sushanth. The funny thing is I met him on Facebook. Before that, I never trusted relationships through social media. Initially,  however, I wanted to set him up with one of my friends, but look at us now. Life had different plans and it’s been a wonderful ride. We’re now married for three months. I’ve progressed so much in the last few years. I have a great partner, who also makes up after every fight. I deal with criticism better -- when I see people calling me fat, it takes me seconds to forget it now. In recent times, I had a few moments, where I’m home alone, I sit on my sofa in the corner with my dogs and look at my house. This is all I wanted -- a house of my own, happy parents, loving partner and two adorable dogs. I’m content with all I have. I also proudly say that I’m the first woman YouTuber in Telugu and that feels greaaaat! Adhi chaalu abba ee life ki. "
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