Through his lens

"There was a time when I had promised a customer to edit and give him his album in a month, but it took me a year to finish it. That’s something I always regret and will never be able to forget. That day, I decided to never do something I’ve not been trained in, or something I’m not confident about. But, at the same time, if I’m good at it, I always strive to do better. Even photography started off as a hobby for me. My father, who lived in Dubai back then, would buy latest cameras and get it here. I would ask for his permission and use. That’s how I developed interest for photography and there has been no looking back. But I never had the professional equipment. I used to make short films using my mobile phone. My family also wasn’t too fine with my love for photography. But now that I’m a little more settled and I have a job as a cinematographer for web channels, they are okay with it. Still not happy, haha! Honestly, this happens with all youngsters who want to try something super unconventional, especially making short films. "
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