For the love of music

"It started when I saw a full troupe of musicians play in a rehearsal in the music school I had joined. Until then, I never had much interest in violin but when I saw an orchestra perform, I was awestruck. I was 6-years-old then, and it’s been 19 years. Even today, I go to the institution to practice, especially when we have outstation performances. However, throughout my journey, one constant has been my difficulties with academics. It was tough to balance both, of course. I would miss my violin classes because of 10th exams and then 12th. My mother, like most parents, was very keen on academics and ‘settling down’ in life. I never blamed her for that perspective because it’s how the society works. Even during my engineering days, I missed chances to work with music directors like Keeravani and Mani Sharma sir. It affected me. I thought everything was almost over. However, in my final year, I stood first in a music competition - Telangana’s Got Talent. For a week, my mom thought I could do something with music, but after a while, everything was back to square one. But now, I’m used to it. I’ve worked with top music directors including Keeravani and Mani Sharma, whose chances I missed. I also enjoy the company of Thaman and Anup Rubens sir. Life has kinda proved that this where I’m supposed to be... Making music. I’m in a happy space now. "

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