Driving through life

"I started off as a cleaner in bus stands, and gradually moved to being a conductor to now a bus driver. I never planned my life like this. Honestly, I had no planning at all. No education. No advice from anybody. I was somewhere around 20-22 when I was told I’m old enough to start working and suddenly I realised that I need to find a job to earn some money. Then marriage happened, children… you know how the usual cycle of life, right? I work hard only for my family. Looking at today’s traffic, I’ve lost the interest to drive that I had earlier, but it’s my need that keeps me going. What else can I say about myself? I’m a lower-middle-class man stuck in the society and life’s grind. The last time my wife and I went to watch a film was in 1995, we watched Pedaryudu… Now you know what I mean by life’s cycle and the daily grind. "

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