Telangana state elections : youngsters are the future

"When I was a kid, I would put an ink mark on my index finger and go to school, only to show people that I voted. Back then, it was just for fun. I never used to understand why we get a holiday for elections. Now that I'm older than 18 and have the power to vote, I value that one holiday so much. No matter how busy my week has been, I will wake up on time and get to the polling booth. 
This one vote may not give me all that I want, but the same vote of mine for the right candidate can give so many underprivileged kids education. It can give food and shelter to poverty-stricken families. I think this thought pushes me to vote. I believe that youngsters are the future of the country, which is why I'm usually looking for contestants below 35-40 years.
We need young blood man! They're the future."

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