Telangana state elections: Think before you vote

"Each vote is like a weapon… A sharp knife. If it’s not used rightly, it can make things worse. This is the reason why people should think about who they’re voting and not do it for the sake of it. I don’t mean everybody has to do an analysis of each political party and each contestant. But just watching news channels or reading a newspaper is enough. However, you can’t stick to one media organisation, because, unfortunately, they can be pro or against one party. This is my first time as a voter and I have already done my basic research in free time to understand what to expect from each contestant. The point is every decision taken by the government or any ruling party affects all of us differently. So, it’s stupid to go by public opinion or majority, while choosing to vote. Each one of us should have our own perspective and understand how things affected our lives… Isn’t that more sensible? After all, we get one chance to vote in five years. Let’s do it with some responsibility. "
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