Telangana state elections: We need change!

"I've always been interested in politics. Even as a child, I would read the news and keep myself updated about the government and its policies. But the way you look at elections as a child and as an adult is completely different. Now I'm a grown-up person and I understand the kind of game it is… the amount of money involved. It's a responsibility but how many voters and contestants look at it that way??
According to all that I've read, we've had decent developments in the last few years. But employment wise, there's a long way to go. We need more jobs. We need the youth to have employment and that's the only way ahead. Sometimes, CM candidates aren't as important as the local constituency heads. But we have to choose from what we have or there's NOTA (None of the above). Anyway, I'm super excited to vote. I hope each vote brings a change because it's high time things change for the good."

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