Master of all trades

"It’s a proud feeling to say that I have many feathers in my cap - sales and marketing, entrepreneur, consultant and producer -- and I have achieved all of them with hard work and talent. Ever since I was a child, I had big dreams. I used to go to school on my bicycle and look at movie posters. I would think, ‘One day, my name should be on the poster’. It took me time but I’m here. I never did anything that didn’t make me happy, which is probably why I have tried so many things. When I was a consultant, I got so many people jobs in the US and now they’re all settled there. Back then, working abroad was a big deal. It’s so good to see them settled and happy. The same in cinema field too… After Pelli Choopulu, many people got in touch with me for a role or an opportunity behind the camera. Sometimes, it gets too much, but I know where it’s coming from. At the same time, however, I can’t give everybody a chance. There’s only little I can do and I try and do my best. When Pelli Choopulu happened, I remember saying how I wish Vijay and Tharun the best and hope their remuneration increases so much that I think twice before paying them again. They’re doing so well today, and it’s great to see that. Even my team is full of youngsters and I say the same thing to them. Young energy and enthusiasm excites me! I was like them, when I started working. I was a sales executive, yet I wasn’t sad about life. It’s a job that tends to bore you after a period, and the same happened to me. I’ve always been taught to love what you do and be the best at it. My parents always said that to me. My mother was very strict but her love was endless. She used to catch me playing pranks red handed and later scold me for that. Once I also got an opportunity to be a child artiste for an NTR film, but my mom didn’t let me go. I was always angry with her for that. But she said, education is important. Back then, I never realized but today I know that she just wanted me to settle down and be happy in life. I miss her so much today, she couldn’t see me achieve all that I have today. Unfortunately, she passed away when I was in my graduation. I was very attached to her and it took me so long to digest that news. But I know she’s looking over me and blessing me from wherever she is - the doting mother that she was." 
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