Happily ever after

"Breakups are never easy. They shatter and break you apart. And even if you move on, sometimes you go to a few places and suddenly everything just comes back. Not literally but everything is back in your head. It’s sad but you can’t change what is in your destiny. I was 24-years-old when I fell in love with this super handsome boy. We had a special relationship for two years. Like most couples, we too shared some great memories. Also, at 24, you’re an adult. You’re not immature and you’re more aware of all the relationships you have and the consequences. Two years after our love saga, I said I wanted to get married. I used to ask him to talk to his parents every time he went home (hometown). But he would come back saying he needs more time. It wasn’t easy back at my home either. I had to develop some courage to confess and discuss with my mother. But I did, because the relationship was important and I was serious about the whole marriage thing. After a few months, he finally had the courage to come and tell me that it’s all over and he doesn’t want to marry me. He said his family is important and he can’t do something they don’t approve of. I was shocked. I mean, didn’t he ever think about this throughout? It was depressing, but there’s nothing I could’ve done. The world came shattering down. I felt like everything in my life ended. Like it’s an end to everything. Every little thing! But there’s some small spark and hope somewhere, I think, that keeps you going. So I took my sweet time and moved on. Five years later, I’m married to another man, who loves me just as much and will fight the world for me. But like I said earlier, there are times when everything flashes in front of you. That happens to me even now. Just six months ago, I sat and cried in front of my husband. He’s so supportive, which is the reason why I’m managing everything. I’m proud of what I have become today and I know I will fight through all of it like a boss! "
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