The cycle of life

"Life has become very monotonous. I wonder if it’s the same for people with money and luxury. Can life get boring for them too? I mean, they have so much money. They can do whatever they want and go wherever. But we don’t have that. We don’t even have enough money to eat on some days. 
My husband passed away 10 years ago and I have taken care of my family - two daughters and one son - all by myself. Every day, I come here, sell these vegetables and try making some money for them. It’s not that easy. All these customers come and bargain so much. I’m sure they don’t do that in other big malls. But I can’t fight with every customer.. Nobody will buy my vegetables if I do that. I try convincing them to stick the price, and if they don’t, I take what they give. The vegetables stay ripe for just three days. After that, I should throw them. Instead, it’s better I make some money, even if it’s hardly profitable. 
It’s been 40 years of this routine - wake up at 4 am, do all the household chores, buy some vegetables and come here to sell. I go back at 8 in the night and sleep at 11. Imagine doing this almost every day for 40 years, irrespective of rains and cold winters. When I’m too bored, I take a bus to my village. My daughters, grandchildren and my parents live there. It’s good to see and chat with them for a few days. That’s my kind of break. "
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