One love for the mother's pride

"When I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer. But the financial condition at home was so bad that my dreams died early in my life. I still continued to study till class 12, because that's necessary for most jobs. I remember so well... When I was in class 5 or so, my mother would keep asking me to study. She always wanted me to have a good job, learn English and live in the city. She considered me the ‘ghar ka chirag’, who would solve all their problems. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. 

During my teens, she stopped encouraging me to study. By then, everyone in the family knew there was no way the children would be able to graduates or professionals. We were in debt to so many people. Gradually, my mother stopped talking. She would speak to us only when she had to ask us something about the house. For long, I thought she was angry with us because we didn’t study well or didn’t manage to get scholarships. But later I realized that she was angry with herself and my father because they couldn’t provide us education. It used to hurt me see her feel guilty. She never really shared such things with my siblings or me. But it’s your mother, you know what she’s feeling. That’s when I decided to move out. 

I first went to Bengaluru and then came here. I’m a lorry driver. I don’t care about my dreams of being an educated man and fighting cases in court shattering. I want to get my family out of poverty. We’ve seen it all our lives. I don’t know if I’m meant to be the chirag, but I can always try, especially if it’s going to make my mother smile. "
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