Born to shine

"When my wife and I were first told about their disability, like normal parents, we too were shocked. But that was just for a few moments. I remember my wife telling me not to be upset. She said, ‘We’re gifted with two beautiful women. They will grow up to be strong people only if we make them feel strong’. I knew that was absolutely right and it was the way ahead in our lives. While growing up, we made sure they had a normal life like their other siblings. Nobody in my family also makes it seem like they have some problem.
The two girls went to a special school, studied everything like other kids and now are doing their graduation. We’ve registered with many organisations that help blind people get jobs. I know that there’s nothing that my two kids can’t achieve because of their sight. Neither my wife or I see the limitation that the world sees in them. They don’t want your pity or sympathy. They don’t need your support either. They were born to shine and make a difference and I know they will, all by themselves."

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