Putting Telugu digital space on the world map

"When I decided to be an actor and left home, I thought audition was the most difficult part and if I crack that, everything will be set. I always heard that surviving the world of cinema isn’t easy. But you don’t really understand till you are in it. I did a Kannada film, which released late and it bombed at the box office. I had no job for six long months. I lived in Bengaluru then and that was my first experience of what failure truly is. Back at home, my parents stopped talking to me the day I signed the film. But my (younger) brother was very very supportive. Even today, he sacrifices his dreams and lives with my parents so I can make my dreams come true here. There’s no way I can pay him back for all that he has done. I’m indebted for life! 

Coming back to cinema, I must tell you that my love for acting was always there. Apart from being a great dancer in school and college, I wrote, directed and acted in many plays. But after the Kannada film flopped, I had no work. I remember uploading a few statuses on Facebook and that’s how Chai Bisket got in touch with me. There has been no looking back since then! I attended their interview and we had similar ideas about what to do in the digital space and how to bring this new line of relatable comedy. But I wanted to be an actor and these guys said I should write. I was slightly hesitant in the beginning but took it over to earn a living. I started off to be an actor but today, I have created a fan base for the writer in me. I always tell Chai Bisket how they found this writer in me, which I hadn’t given much attention to. Through my writing, I bring to life all the characters I’ve wanted to play or I’ve imagined about. 

However, I must admit that writing isn’t easy either. There are a lot of thoughts about what dialogues suit what kind of topic or content. When I started off, I was nervous and used to write everything keeping in mind a lot of things. Today, it comes a lot more naturally. I know what content deserves how much comedy and how much satire and so on. Chai Bisket gave me the confidence and freedom of doing what I think is right. Every time I write anything, it has 30% of my interest and 70% is all about what people want. I think that’s what clicks in my videos. The day I entered this field, I knew I wanted to break boundaries and take Telugu digital space to the world. It shouldn’t be limited to just our people watching. It’s comedy and it should transcend across the world because language isn’t a barrier. It’s only a medium. Giving it a thought now, I think we’ve achieved this, but there’s a lot coming your way. Even if YouTube starts charging for videos, I wish and hope that people don't mind paying that extra amount to watch something I created with my ideas."

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